Sunday, September 10, 2006

Progress in the apartment.

Finally, after so much hard graft (laying floor, preparing the walls, etc...), we managed to slap on a lick of paint in the large bedroom. The apartment's starting to take shape! Here's a couple of shots of the girls completing the second coat (our thanks to Sophie and Manue). I did the ceiling as usual!
Now comes the fun part; laying the parquet flooring. It's gonna be easier than laying the floor panels (what wouldn't be) but nevertheless a painstaking job requiring the utmost attention to detail. Who best to assign this task to but yours truly. Watch this space...
PS. This is not a DIY blog!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Had a look at your pictures. good to see everyone doing so well. Flat looks nice too. will be interested to see it when finished. regards from the allan family.

9:17 PM  

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